Emanuele Oliveri

Stories of a whale

Dimension: 23×23 cm

Pages: 12

Print run: 500 copies



“Once upon a time there was a whale”

“No, dad, there was not. Now there is a boy”

“Really. And who is he?”

“Luca is his name”

“All right then: this is Luca running towards the whale”

“No no no. It is the whale who calls him. Look, I think it is better if I tell you the story!”

A whale, a boy, a cat, a bird: Emanuele Oliveri’s poetic drawings introduce us to a story to tell and to listen to.

Emanuele Oliveri

Emanuele Oliveri working and living in Rome. His life is an ongoing revolution. He always loves drawing and making things. Through street art he started looking at illustration and art, and moved from writing on walls to drawing on paper and finally to making pictures for children!

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Libros Mutantes, Madrid, 2016
Children’s Book Fair, Bologna, 2015
It’s a Book, Leipzig, 2015