In collaboration with the Assia Djebar Library in Paris and the teachers of the Maryse Hilsz kindergarten, we have developed a new cycle of workshops that allow the exploration of the book, as well as of its author, through the playful study of his works, his artistic practice, his universe and his workplace: everything we find in the pages of our books.


The artist Maria Morganti works with colours, every day with one in particular, which never appears pure, but is added to another, creating one layer after another.She herself tells us “Every day the colour is renewed, matter is transformed, consumed and not accumulated”.



The author and artist Antonio Rovaldi tells us of a walk through ambiguous and unusual photographic shots wandering the streets of a New York that, each time, becomes a different city in the eyes of each one of us. It is a book full of narrative cues and creative solicitations in which photography allows us to not only capture through images what quickly meets our gaze, but also pushes us to go beyond it.



In Chiara Camoni’s book the drawings of the characters, in their poses and gestures, narrate a story of whispered and never transcribed words. The lack of text does not create an absence but a need for interpretation and narration which, through the imagination of the children, will lead to the construction of always new and original stories to be placed alongside the artist’s drawings.


And if they could fly where would they go?

Emanuele Oliveri’s illustrations open our eyes to an incredible journey, in which our imagination is invited to go beyond the confines of the pages and open up to the story’s infinite possibilities. The young readers will find themselves telling the story of a whale’s journey by bringing their own memories and desires to it and therefore making it their own.



les cerises books aim at leaving you with questions and blank spaces to fill. We organise workshops for different age groups. After reading together, the story leaves the page and the child becomes the author of a new narrative that can be told with scissors, glue, colors, clay, storytelling or gestures.

Please to feel free to contact us if you are interest in one of ours workshop : contact@lescerises.net