Ingrid Hora

With the head, with the feet

Ingrid Hora reinterprets the way a book can be used for les cerises. Let yourself be guided by the instructions, forget that you are perusing a book, do not look for the story because that is yet to be invented.

Simone Berti


Illustrated by both Simone Berti and Alessandro Sarra, Laracamallo is the fifth book published by Les Cerises. The silentbook is the story of an encounter not only between different types of painting, but also between two different creatures that will demonstrate how even two apparently distant worlds can come into contact, despite obstacles and appearances.

Maria Morganti

Into the hole

Through a sequence of photographs, In to the hole tells us how a place can be transformed by a simple gesture like filling a hole in the floor with pigment.

Antonio Rovaldi

New York City Babe

New York City Babe is a guide through images to all the things that you can’t miss in New York, such as squirrels, forks, footprints, graffiti, leaves and even bat umbrellas.

Chiara Camoni

Psssst Psssst

The snake whispers in the ear of a frog, the frog says something to the blackbird: what is the message that they oass one another? A game, a secret or a story?

The chinese whispers that Chiara Camoni drawn unfolds one thousand and more strories!

Emanuele Oliveri

Stories of a whale

A whale, a boy, a cat, a bird: Emanuele Oliveri’s poetic drawings introduce us to a story to tell and to listen to.