Alessandro Sarra

Alessandro Sarra (Rome, 1966) is an abstract painter. His paintings on canvas, paper or wood are the result of different colour glazes, almost transparent, diaphanous or intense and sometimes crossed by signs: his is a reflection on painting as time becomes space and language. Sometimes the colour pours out of the canvas and invades the environment around it.

Ingrid Hora

Ingrid Hora (Bolzano, 1976) lives and works in Berlin. Her work has a multidisciplinary approach: through sculpture, drawing, performance, the artist investigates the individual’s ability to act as a group and develop a community.

Simone Berti

Simone Berti (Adria, 1966) is a visual artist, and practices different techniques: from painting to drawing, from sculpture to video. His work is characterized by a reflection on the precariousness and uncertainty of reality, rendered by contrasting figures (human, animal or inanimate) against a white background behind which they stand out enigmatically.

Maria Morganti

Maria Morganti (Milan, 1965. Lives in Venice) works mainly with painting. Every day she prepares a colour and spreads it on the canvas, covering the previous day’s, of which, however, she leaves a subtle trace. Her works are sedimentations of repeated gestures, a measure of time.

Antonio Rovaldi

Antonio Rovaldi (Parma, 1975) is an artist based in Milan and New York. His research focuses on the perception of landscape and distance, and his artistic practice is based on walking and traveling by bike. Rovaldi works mainly with photography, video, sculpture, and drawing.

Chiara Camoni

Chiara Camoni is a visual artist who works with sculpture. She lives in a small village in the Apuan Alps; from her house she sees the sea below, the marble quarries above. The surrounding landscape, the things she has seen, the stories she reads, the people she meets often end up in her works that look simple and arcane at the same time.

Emanuele Oliveri

Emanuele Oliveri working and living in Rome. His life is an ongoing revolution. He always loves drawing and making things. Through street art he started looking at illustration and art, and moved from writing on walls to drawing on paper and finally to making pictures for children!