Angelika Burtscher

Austrian, for a while she has been living in Alto Adige, a border region where the issue of plurilingualism is still questioned as being a richness or a problem. In Italy she started working as designer and opened her company with Daniele Lupo. She is passionate about design, art, architecture, city planning and their mutual relations and contaminations. With this in mind, in 2003 she opened in Bolzano the non-profit space Lungomare. In other words, she is always dreaming, and hopes that one day she will see the sea from the window, and will be at her door, finally. 

Agnese Canziani

Architect, she lives in Paris where, in the time left between projects, she organises workshops with children and makes paper toys and books to play with them. Whether she is considering a building or an object, play is always at the core of her projects, that aim at representing ways to transform her surroundings. 

Cecilia Canziani

She teaches contemporary art and curates exhibitions. She thinks that you can have a better understanding of the world if you look at it through a painting, a sculpture, a film or a performance. 

Daniele Lupo

He lives and works in Bolzano, where he opened a studio that deals with design and visual communication, and Lungomare, a research space crossing borders of art, design architecture and visual imagery. 


Francesca Campli : distribution / workshops

Art historian with a natural propensity to searching, questioning and having a new interest at least once per week. She started working with artist and curators and understood that the best part is what the public can get of an exhibition: she therefore started working on education. 

With six colleagues she founded ecollective: a nomadic organisation that proposes art education in different contexts and to a variety of publics.

Sara Zolla : press & communication

Culture communication professional, lives and works in a studio house in Savigno on the hills around Bologna, with Flavio, artist, and two cats. She studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and at took part in the Visual Art Class at Fondazione Ratti in Como.

After working for long time with two art galleries in Milan, she started dealing specifically with communication and art press office.

She loves books and her garden, where, nedless to say, there is always a lot to do.