The space I pass through

The author and artist Antonio Rovaldi tells us of a walk through ambiguous and unusual photographic shots wandering the streets of a New York that, each time, becomes a different city in the eyes of each one of us.

It is a book full of narrative cues and creative solicitations in which photography allows us to not only capture through images what quickly meets our gaze, but also pushes us to go beyond it.

From the book NEW YORK CITY BABE we take into consideration some cards that allow us to reflect on the frame of the image, the photographer’s choice, the particular gaze that goes beyond the obvious, the relationship between casual encounter and targeted search for a subject that can be represented.

With a simple game, participants will choose new images depicting snapshots of various cities. The children will then be invited to put at least two images that inspire a story in them side by side; They then will create a third image that completes their story, using markers and crayons available until they find a title for the “story of some city” they have imagined or remembered.

La Maisonette School, Rome

La Maisonette School, Rome

Ecole Maryse Hilsz, Paris