les cerises in a box

In collaboration with the Assia Djebar Library in Paris and the teachers of the Maryse Hilsz kindergarten, we have developed a new cycle of workshops that allow the exploration of the book, as well as of its author, through the playful study of his works, his artistic practice, his universe and his workplace: everything we find in the pages of our books.

We have literally collected or faithfully reproduced the materials used by the artists and the authors of our books. We have then filed them in four large boxes easily accessible to children, one for each book / author.

At each meeting we have told the artist’s story and the story of their works to the children. They were then allowed to manipulate soil, paint, pigments, photographic film, brushes, cameras, colors …

Later we have interpreted the stories of les cerises and worked on the composition of the images keeping in mind the whole universe of our artists. Contained within each book are images, one or many stories, a different type of medium, graphic research and the internal world of the author: in this way we try to open the children’s eyes so they can see all of this !


Class Journal (Into the hole, Maria Morganti)

Street artist in the school (Stories of a whale Emanuele Oliveri)

Look around (New York city babe, Antonio Rovaldi)